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Who am I?

PhD student in Space physics, astronomy at Ural Federal University.
Research assistant in Kourovskaya Astronomical Observatory K.A. Barkhatova

Research interest

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where we are going? Studying the formation of stars and planets may provide some insight into the question of 'Where do we come from?'. Stars are born from the gravitational collapse of cold and dense molecular clouds. They experienced many significant physical and chemical processes in their earliest phases involving the infall of the envelope, the formation of disks and outflows, the primary accretion phase leading to the growth of the final star, and the chemical enrichment of the disk, which directly influences planet formation. The forming processes of high-mass stars (>8Msun{_{sun}}) are far less understood than its low-mass counterpart (sun-like stars). My research interestes are studying the formation of the high-mass stars including physical and chemical process. Currently my study are foculs on the molecular clumps associated with cosmic masers.


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